Located 45 km far from the Antalya area and halfway in the middle of Antalya and Side, Belek is a cozy vacation destination. The archaic and modern style exist together here to give Belek one of a kind flavor. A mix of verifiable places, sun kissed shorelines and world-class greens together with a clean atmosphere make Belek attractive to the youthful and the old alike. Added to this is an extensive variety of extravagance accommodations to make the stay vitalizing and pleasant. Moreover, the local’s hospitality makes Belek without a doubt warm and enchanting.

Belek has been created as a vacation destination for travelers of different hobbies. With its magnificence of the sea and the mountains, its neatly built golf courses and its rich history, it has something interesting for everyone. Lykia World Antalya Links Golf Hotel is the main lodging that you can play connections golf in the Mediterranean shoreline.

Belek is one of the hotspots of Turkey’s tourism industry with numerous four-star and five-star hotels, resorts and another accommodations.

The town and the surrounding region are well known for their spas and mineral waters got from seven springs.

Neighboring Belek there is the Hellenistic city of Perge, which is evaluated after Ephesus and the significant amphitheater of Aspendos that still today can hold more than 15.000 audiences.