The Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath session is like an oriental ritual that is calm and with its eastern type of comfort, contains the art of nurturing the body. You will enjoy the taste of exotic aromas and the prevailing heat in an atmosphere that was enjoyed by the ancient sultans. In a hamam, you leave your daily life outside. The hot steam helps the muscles to relax and heat your body. This will help your skin to soften up and be ready for the exfoliation process. After the exfoliation we will give you our famous Sehrazat or Pasha Treatment, here is a little introduction below: The Hamam’s attendant invites the guest to lie on the hot marble that is in the middle of the bath and is called “göbek tasi”. Lying over this stone makes one feel that the heat fully envelopes the body and the soul. Now the attendant scrub the body with a course glove this process exfoliate and cleanse the skin and at the same time makes you feel relaxed, also help with the circulation and relaxes all contractions. The ling of the rubbing down of all of the body gives one an exceptional clean feeling, the skin becomes smooth and softens, the quickened up blood circulation relaxes all contractions. After that the guest is covered with nice smelling soap foam. In aroma and mind therapy, after the frothing and the massage, water is poured over to rinse the foam. The attendant, along with aromatic oils and expert hands that move in massaging circles typical to the hamam, he revitalizes the muscles and shows particular attention to the head, the hands and the feet. The guest, wrapped in hamam cloths, is escorted to the exit by the smiling attendant who also offers a glass of tea.

Pasha Hammam Treatment

The Hammam’s attendant applies the rubbing process to the whole body with a course glove that is an effective way of cleansing, but also is very relaxing; making one feel good. The ling of the rubbing down of all of the body gives on an exceptional clean feeling, the skin becomes smooth and softens, the quickened up blood circulation relaxes all contractions.

Sehrazat Hammam Treatment

In additional to Pasha Treatment; the guest is smothered over with nice smelling froth of soap. In aroma and mind therapy, after the frothing and the massage, water is poured over to get rid of the froth. The attendant, along with aromatic oils and expert hands that move in massaging circles typical to the hamam, he revitalizes the muscles and shows particular attention to the head, the hand and the feet.

Special Turkish Bath Ritual

To share your joy with loved ones on your special days, your ritual will start with wine. The hamam therapist will invite you to our traditional Turkish Bath where kings and queens had the same procedure years ago, the scrubbing process softens up the skin, accelerates blood circulation and relaxes all the muscles. A grape seed, coffee, brown sugar, or honey crystal body peeling is applied according to your needs. You will enjoy an aromatic foam massage after the scrubbing process, to follow up with a relaxing oil massage. Your care will be complete after the bath therapist gives a massage with specific Turkish bath movements on your head, hands and feet.

Bride – Groom Bath

At this special time of your life, we will make you feel like a king and a queen. You will enjoy the taste of exotic treatments in an atmosphere that was enjoyed by the ancient sultans and it is recreated just for you on your memorable day. Come celebrate your special day with us and feel pampered, relaxed and get all the attention you need. Your hamam treatment will start with a steam bath or sauna. In our relaxing and comforting warm marble you will get a full body scrub followed by an aromatic foam massage to end this magical experience with neck and shoulder massage with a choice of aromatic oils. To end this we will serve Ottoman sherbet and/or your choice of tea.

Sanitas Classic Massage

An in depth and sensitive massage that is muscle relaxing and stress removing. A massage meant for the muscles. With light and strong touches the blood circulation is quickened up, and it is conducted to suit varying needs. Additionally, the aim here is to relax the tissues, every single cell, and as a result, the whole organism. Massaging and softening up the legs, arms and back with application of your choice of aromatic oils. All of your tense areas from head to toe are relaxed.

Sports Massage

A manner of massage that is creative in part and relaxing on the other. The primary aim of this massage is to quicken up the blood circulation. Muscle, nerve and vertebrae problems are treated with ice compression and supporting bandages. Special sports massage techniques are applied, the muscles are enlivened, muscle functions are measured, tennis arms are treated, etc.

Relaxing Massage

In this massage, techniques are used that are relaxing and refreshing for the body. The nerves are relaxed and inner peace is maintained. Given from head to toe, with this sensitive but also in depth massage tensions are relaxed and you will have a feeling of a new wellbeing.


A concentrated foot massage applied with a special massaging technique. Working on your feet and focusing on special points this will send the message to your whole body and most of your organs and will help relieve any tension that you have. The energy blockages are removed, the strength points of the body are activated which contributes to the self healing phase.

Manual Lymph Drainage

The purpose of the lymph drainage is to reactivate the body’s lymph system. The lymph does not only have the aspect of discharging the water in the body, soften it and remove toxins, but it also is the carrier of the whole defense system of the organism.


Ayurveda is the ancient Indian style of healing art. With its relaxing body cares and massage technique, Ayurveda becomes a unique adventure. The meaning of Ayurveda is “the knowledge of life”. The secret of beauty care is explained as “Healing instruments and healing methods”. At the basis of this ancient Indian healing art that has been applied for more than thousand years lies the harmonious integration of the body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda, while showing an orderly style of living and preventing and getting rid of illnesses with suitable nutrition on one hand, on the other it provides fulfillment and peace.


It exceptionally relaxes the body, the soul and the mind. A complete body massage suitable to your body type with Ayurvedic oils (Prakriti). This traditional massage, by stimulating the energy channels in the organism, activates the blood circulation and energy flow, strengthens the defense mechanisms of the body and helps remove the toxins from the body.

Abhyanga Synchronic (4 Hands)

This one is for those who would like to enjoy the oil massage Maha Abhyanga-synchronic (Ayurvedic complete body massage performed with four hands). The four hand performed synchronic massage is one of the oldest massages of the Ayurveda tradition and it balances the energy circulation of the body. Its effects; provides a deep relaxation, fills the body with energy, relaxes the soul and supports the internal balance. It strengthens the nerve system, purifies the cell metabolism and activates it.


The unique Ayurvedic oil that positively affects the central nerve system and removes symptoms due to stress, insomnia and headaches, the hot Ayurvedic oil is poured slowly and under control over the “Ajna” (the third eye) chakra and afterwards over the “Sahasrara” (the crown) charka and it leaves a relaxing and calming affect.


A combination of Abhyanga and Shirodhara for the supreme relaxation. A massage that, with the application of hot, spicy oils, relaxes your body, mind and soul, and it is revitalizing. It soothes the nerve system, resurrects your feelings and cleanses up the energy channels and makes them work better.


This traditional Japanese treatment form means “finger pressure”. In this technique the pressure applied by the hands stimulates the inner body and natural energies contained within the body circulation. Just as in the other eastern treatment methods, here too the “Chi” or “Ki” is being balanced. This revitalization balances the body, keeps it healthy and makes it breath and function better. The simple pressure techniques regulate the balance and support a more dense energy flow. Shiatsu is performed on the floor in comfortable attire. While the guest is breathing in balance and lets go of herself/himself consciously, our expert relaxes the stressed areas with his/her hands, knees and feet, removing the aches and discomfort.

Traditional Bali Massage

Originating from Bali, this is a pressure massage using medium-depth strokes and pressure points to reach below the superficial muscle layers. This massage helps to balance the energy centers and improve integration of your internal systems. To complement the massage techniques, the blended oil has properties that help relieve muscular tension, improve and balance subtle energies for a heightened sense of well-being.

Dry Bali Massage

You have to have comfortable clothing for this massage. Your chakras are stimulated to create balance in your body and your mind. It is a pressure massage that is done on a special broad cushion.

Mandara Massage (4 hands)

Mandara Spa Signature, performed by two therapists working together in rhythmic harmony. This massage combines 5 different massage styles, Japanese Shiatsu, Thai massage, Lomi Lomi, Swedish and Balinese which promote pure pleasure in the mind.

Deep Asian Massage

It is applied with more pressure compared to the traditional Bali massage. In this technique the therapist includes his/her arms to the treatment. It is a deep and hard acupressure massage.

Thai Massage

Passed over from generation to generation, Thai massage is applied as pressure on specific points on your body to jump start the energy flow and to lessen the stress on your muscles. It is concluded with stretching on the whole body.

La Stone Therapy

The La Stone therapy is a massage type based on the ancient Indian healing methods. The hot basalt and cold marble stones are placed upon the energy points of the body. With intense massage and the heat of the stones, the blood circulation in the tissues heightens and the stubborn tensions are relieved. You will feel a lovely and deep relaxation and balance to your body and mind.

Lomi Lomi Nui

The queen of the Hawaiian temple massages, a spiritual section of the Hawaiian culture. The massage movements performed with changeable and connected movements of the lower arm and the elbow, it allows for the joints to relax, and the soul is freed and it stimulates a deep relaxation feeling. These touches are full of love and embrace the body, along with nice smelling warm body oils.

Aroma Therapy Massage

This is a slow, gentle full body massage using a variety of aromatic oils extracted from the Mediterranean plants endowing both spiritual and physical relaxation. Enjoy the romantic ambiance in our couples massage room, as the spa ritual starts with a foot massage to ease any tension in your body. Our therapist will make this experience unforgettable; we will end your massage with a scalp and face massage. To finish we will serve you our traditional Turkish tea in our relaxation room.

Anti- Cellulite Massage

This is an intensive massage for the stomach, thighs and legs. It slims the body and firms and tones up the skin. Eliminates excess fatty deposits, stimulates circulation, reduces water retention and relieves muscular fatigue.


It is a maritime journey, where from port to port, the fragrances and the colors from the Orient blend together with marine treasures. Being and beauty become one. With Unifying Indian E’fleurages, Western Kneading, Egyptian Cleopatra Milk Bath, Japanese Percussions, Thai Stretching and Indian Rubbing, you will be whole again.

Seaweed Body Wrap

By application of seaweed in micro granular form, the body is purified of toxins, tightens up and the metabolism is stimulated. Helps diminishing the water and the fat deposits and it has the characteristics of effective moistening. The skin and the tissues are fed with minerals and elements the body is in need of, and it effectively increases the feeling of ease.

Seaweed Body Gel

Used for intensive silhouette refining. As a gel wrap, rich in marine minerals and vitamins, this treatment detoxifies the body. Ideal for firming slack muscle tone and relieving tired and heavy legs.

Firming Body Wrap

This special treatment has been designed to provide a highly efficient solution to localized weight problem. Eliminates excess fatty deposits, stimulates circulation, reduces water retention and relieves muscular fatigue.

Aroma Oil Whole Body Package

Suitable aroma oil that is to accompany you in the trip of senses is chosen according to your needs. What is your preference for today, relaxing, purification from dead tissues, or anti – aging?

Cellulite Treatment

This instrument helps you to get rid of the problem areas of your body without using an anesthetic or inflicting any pain. This is a body sculpting instrument which uses the beating and rounding system based on the VACUUM technique together with Stop 3 cellulite jell. Cylinder sucking heads break up and strengthen the problematic area. So fats are broken up, pulled into pieces and smoothed. The skin is firmed and toned.

Breast Modeling

Modeling, due to its heat factor, allows high concentrated essences’ deep penetration into the skin. Its tightening effect can actually be felt and removes wrinkles visibly.

Brown Sugar Peeling

This classical Mediterranean treatment supported with brown sugar, salts and aromatic oils cleanses the dead cells in the body while making your skin soft and smooth as much as possible thanks to its rich moisturizing effect.

Cleopatra Bath

Cleopatra’s Bath Water turns ordinary bath water into a decadently moisturizing spa experience. It is rumored that Cleopatra bathed in milk to keep her skin soft and lovely. It has been proven by modern day science that the lactic acid in milk provides gentle exfoliation and possesses superior moisturizing abilities.

Balneo Therapy Treatments

These baths reactivate the bodily functions. The seaweed and sea salt in micro-dust form purify the body from toxins and allow for the discharge of the undesired substances from the body. The underwater massage with spraying from 122 points can be applied with 3 different oil essences on request. Aroma Minceur: tightens up and weakens up the fat tissue, Aroma Vitalite: revitalizes Aroma Relaxant: relaxes and loosens up.

Classic Skin Care Programs

Treatments start with skin cleansing, deep cleansing with vapor and peeling after skin test. The individual care program suitable for every type of skin frees the skin from toxins, moisturizes it and gives it a soft and silky appearance. Combined with different care types, classic care programme relieve swellings and wrinkles, and return the skin its lively appearance. Classic Skin Care programme include The “Ocean Care” program special for men.

Deep Skin Care

This is a unique treatment in which the esthetician will analyze your skin then prepare it for a deep cleansing with extractions if needed. After this procedure you get to enjoy a cup of tea to nourish, revive and hydrate your body; then the esthetician will continue with your facial applying the appropriate mask. With this special treatment of Sanitas your body and soul will reach full peace.

Special Skin Care Programs

The treatment starts with skin cleansing, deep cleansing with vapor and peeling after skin test. Care programme covered by Algotherm Special Skin Care are special care programme administered for specific skin requirement. The care consists of programme you start feeling as the care is being administered whose positive effects on your skin you will observe are maintained for long periods of time that involve intense moisturizing, lifting and wrinkle smoothening.

Immediate Effect Skin Care

The anti-aging effect will stimulate and rejuvenate your skin and will also reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles. Your skin becomes smooth and silky.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Programs

The programme involve essences that contain collagen, a substance necessary for skin support that increases the generation of anti-aging hormones in the skin. Pure collagen intensely moisturizes and tightens the skin, smoothening wrinkles and clarifying facial features. Specific Anti-Aging care involves the process of giving the skin a young appearance through herbal hormones derived from moss. The natural aging process of the skin is slowed down.

Eye Care

A special softening and refreshing care for sensitive areas around the eyes. Lymph drainage is conducted to soften the area around the eye during care.

Caviar Care

An intensive regeneration care program designed not just for lifeless skin, but also for mature skin. Collagene Caviar fights against early aging using all its benefits on the skin. Requirements such as moisturizing, nutrition and tightening that the skin essentially needs are contained in this three stage care program, which deeply awakens cell metabolism and provides essential nutrition elements for a younger-looking skin.

Sanitas Masterpiece

Enjoy the warmth of our profesional treatment beds, your single spa ritual starts with a full body exfoliation, a foot massage to ease any tension in your body, then a soothing full body massage to loosens up the tight muscles … and to complete this treatment we will offer fruit and wine in our relaxation room.

Sanitas Couple Massage

Enjoy the romantic ambiance in our couple’s massage room, your couples spa ritual starts with a foot massage to ease any tension in your body, our therapist will make this experience unforgettable, we will end your massage with scalp and face massage. To finish the treatment we will serve our traditional Turkish tea in our relaxation room.